1.  DRIVER’S AGE: At least 21 years old.
2.  DRIVER’S LICENCE: At least one year old.
3.  INSURANCE: The initial hiring rates include the following coverage.

A) Death or  bodily injuries to third party up to € 445.000,00. 
B) Property damages to third party up to € 94.000,00.
C) The rented car against fire.


A) COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER: (C.D.W.): The hirer’s responsibility is reduced to
€ 500,00 if he accepts to pay an additional € 7,00 per day. Regardless of whether C.D.W
has been accepted or not the renter is liable to pay for the full repair of the damages
caused to the underside of the vehicle, to the wheels and tyres or for any damage caused
to the vehicle due to the violation of the Greek Traffic Law.
B) FULL DAMAGE WAIVER (F.D.W.): The hirer is waived of any responsibility
(no excess) if he accepts to pay an additional € 3,00 per day.
C) THEFT WAIVER: The hirer is waived of any responsibility in case of theft if he accepts
to pay an additional € 1,50. Per day.
D) PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (P.AI.): It is offered at a charge of € 1,50. per day
covering the driver of the car and includes benefits in EURO. for: Death from road
accident: € 8.900,00. 
Total permanent disablement: 
€ 8.900,00. Partial permanent disablement (%) € 8.900,00. Hospital expenses € 1.500,00 

5.  GASOLINE: Gasoline consumption is payable by the hirer.
6.  TRAFFIC FINES: At renter’s responsibility and expense.
8.  FERRYING THE CAR: Allowed only by the company’s written authorization.
9.  BABY SEATS: Available on request free of charge
10.TAXES: All rates are subject to  24 % V.A.T.